IVF – Part 2 – Egg Retrival & Implantation

When starting the IVF process, you will be placed on hormones for 1 to 2 weeks.  During which time you may experience hot flashes, bouts of rage or sadness and an overall out-of-place feeling.  This will subside once the hormone medication is stopped an your eggs are retrieved.


Retrieval Day

Relax and enjoy the ride, it will be a hectic day!  The best thing you can do before the procedure is take it easy and ensure yourself that everything will go smoothly.  In our case, nine eggs had matured and were retrieved.   General anesthesia is used and is the main hurdle to overcome.   You will feel extremely nauseous for one to two hours after the egg retrieval.  This is completely normal.  Your doctor will require that you have someone drive you to and from the hospital or doctors office.   Next step, embryo implantation.



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